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Set-out on an epic adventure transcending boundaries and reimagine cricket fun

Welcome to Firstinnings and the captivating world of fantasy cricket. Through our engaging gameplay and innovative features, we aim to immerse our users in the thrilling realm of fantasy cricket consistently. We are driven by our passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to ensure utmost user satisfaction.

Dedicated to excellence and striving to be the best.
We are committed to being innovative and engaging.
We place a high priority on the satisfied users.

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Our driving factors

Creating a fresh new wave in the fantasy cricket realm backed by our aspirations


We strive to revolutionize the way cricket lovers engage with the game. Through our fantasy cricket website, we aspire to bring the fans close to the real fantasy cricket action.


Our mission is to create a dynamic and inclusive fantasy cricket platform that helps cricket lovers realize the true potential of cricket enthusiasm. We aspire for perfection with Firstinnings.


Through a user-centric approach, we are aiming to reach for greater heights and expand the boundaries of fantasy cricket. We prioritize fair play and encourage community engagement.

Our capabilities

A trusted fantasy cricket partner that aspires to take you to the zenith of entertainment

Intuitive UI
Data protection
Authentic experience
Thriving community

Learn the ropes

Be a true scholar of the game and create your ultimate winning 11 seamlessly

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Step into the vast world of FC by registering your account. Prioritizing user convenience, we have made the entire process seamless.

Select your match

To provide a wide array of options to our users, we at Firstinnings have incorporated a myriad of matches they can choose from to play.

Create your team

Building your own team is one of the most fun aspects of fantasy cricket. So, create your ultimate 11 filled with the players of your choice.

Hints and insights

Enter the crease with confidence by learning the ins and outs of the game

  • Research player form

    Form of the players plays a vital role in determining the success of your team. So, make sure to stay updated on recent player performances.

  • Monitor team news

    Staying up to date with the team news will help you to get valuable insights such as player injuries, squad changes, and suspensions.

  • Check out pitch reports

    Studying pitch reports will help you to understand the nature of the pitch in different match venues and then, select players accordingly.

  • Maintain team balance

    To put yourself in the best possible position to fantasy cricket score points, you should make sure that your team has a balanced combination.

  • Use transfers skillfully

    To maximize the performance of your team, you must make sure that you plan your transfers depending on the upcoming fixtures.

  • Choosing Captain and Vice-captain

    Picking players with higher scoring opportunities as captain and vice-captain can significantly boost your overall scoring points.

Our contests

Choose from a myriad of curated contests to test your cricketing skills and knowledge

Mega Contest

Dive into the thrill with thousands of players as you compete to be the best. This is the perfect stage for those who trust their fantasy cricket acumen and seek the ultimate challenge.

Hot Contest

Sizzle your fantasy cricket experience in this high-demand, limited entry contest that provides higher chances of winning with smaller, yet fervent competition. Try it out now itself.

Mini Leagues

Experience the joy of competition on a smaller scale with mini leagues. These competitions are ideal for beginners as well as those who prefer a tight-knit competitive environment.

Head to Head Contest

Pit your skills directly against another player in this intense one-on-one challenge, making each choice and player performance pivotal to your victory. Experience the thrill now.

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Sign in with us now itself and get ready to become the ultimate game changer

Locate the Sign-In Page

To kickstart your fantasy cricket odyssey, you should browse our app and locate the sign in page. After that, you can fill out the form with your information and sign in. When doing this, make sure that the data you provide is accurate.

Complete the Sign-In Process

If the information you provided is correct, you should gain access to your fantasy cricket account. Should there be any trouble, such as a forgotten password, look for a 'Forgot Password?' link to reset your login details.

Choosing matches

Pick from a variety of matches that you prefer and start enjoying the game

  • T10
    Experience the fast-paced action in T10 matches where every ball counts, turning up the intensity for a thrilling 10-over per side contest that demands aggressive play.

  • T20
    Engage in the explosive T20 format, a fan-favorite for its perfect blend of speed and skill, offering 20 overs per side filled with big hits and dynamic plays that keep you on the edge.

  • ODI
    Dive into the classic One Day International (ODI) matches, where each team battles it out across 50 overs per side, allowing for a more balanced approach in gameplay.

  • Test
    Embrace the traditional format with Test cricket, the purists' game, where endurance and skill are tested over five days, enabling a deeply skillful and mentally demanding match.

Added elements

Offering a comprehensive FC package to ensure a hassle-free user experience

Immersive gameplay

An immersive and engaging gameplay is the core of our fantasy cricket experience. Offering the same has been of utmost importance to us and we are regularly improving it.

Comprehensive player info

Throughout your Fantasy Cricket journey, stay informed on the latest and detailed player statistics, as well as, performance records to make the best out of your fantasy cricket adventure.

Expert analysis

Get access to expert opinions and punditry to get a birds eye view of the game. This detailed analysis can be used to make better informed decisions and improve your FC game.

Intuitive UI

Integrating unique ideas and innovations into FC seamlessly through our user interface

Our users speak

Listen to our master blasters opinion on the Firstinnings FC experience

Over the time of playing fantasy cricket at Firstinnings, I have been able to enjoy the game of cricket to an even greater extent. Firstinnings has helped me to take my enjoyment of the game to a whole new level


As a die-hard fan of the game of cricket, Firstinnings has become my go-to platform to play fantasy cricket. The multitude of leagues and the myriad of features offered by Firstinnings are game changers


Of all the fantasy cricket platforms I have used, Firstinnings offers the most immersive and engaging experience to me. In addition to testing your cricketing knowledge, it challenges your team management skills as well


The various game modes and features offered by Firstinnings never fails to get me excited. There is something for everyone in its wide and impressive range of leagues and contests, both short term as well as long term


The customer support offered by Firstinnings are top-notch and they are willing to go the extra mile to address the users queries promptly. This makes it much easier for me to play the game and enjoy it even more