Refund Policy

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Participation in contests conducted by Firstinnings requires users to use their account wallet


To be eligible for a refund, users must meet specific conditions outlined in our fantasy cricket website's refund policy.

Refund conditions:

A. Technical concerns

Refunds will be considered in cases where users encounter technical difficulties or glitches that hinder their participation in contests or access to their accounts.

B. Cancellation of Contests

If Firstinnings cancels a contest for any reason, entry fees will be refunded to users within 48 hours of the transaction.

C. Incorrect contest entry

Users who mistakenly enter the wrong contest or select the wrong team before the contest entry deadline may request a refund.

Refund Request Process

Users seeking a refund should initiate the process by contacting our customer support team through the provided contact information on the website or app. When making a refund request, users must furnish relevant information, including their username, contest ID, and a description of the issue.


All refund requests submitted will undergo a thorough review by Firstinnings on a case-by-case basis. Refunds will only be approved for issues that align with the specified refund policy guidelines.

REFUND Processing

Refunds will, in most cases, be processed using the original payment method used for contest enrollment. The processing time for refunds may vary, typically ranging from 5 to 7 days, depending on the payment provider and other relevant factors.


It is important to note that contest entry fees are generally considered non-refundable once a contest has commenced or is in progress.